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Makeup Artist: Akiah

How To Keep Your Concealer from Creasing? (Tip 8)

I've had clients who always tell me "This concealer isn't working for me, it keeps creasing" or "It's not really covering my dark circles". If this sounds like you,  then my question to you is... Are you using an eye cream? If not, you need one. Not only does it help makeup apply smoother, it reduces the chances of fines lines and wrinkles.This is such a crucial step when it comes to under eye makeup. The skin under our eyes are very sensitive, so its important we take care of it. So if you're looking to cover/get rid of dark circles think about it like this, do you want just a short-term quick fix or do you want to brighten those under eyes and tighten them up FOR GOOD!? (I'm just gonna assume we're all thinking the long-term option!). There are so many eye creams out there that are made to target different problem areas. Eye creams can aid in the makeup process as well as improve the overall look of your eye area over time. So start your research and let's take our skin care regimen up a notch!  - Tip by Akiah

Summer Skin Care (Tip 7)

Now that summer is FINALLY upon us, so is that beaming sun. To protect our magical skin, it's always best to opt for products that contain SPF (Sun Protection Factor). For those of us who still need a little makeup coverage during those hot days that are to come, a tinted moisturizer can be the perfect option for you to swap out your foundation! It's super lightweight, provides a sheer coverage, moisturizes & most importantly, many of them contain SPF. So luckily, our makeup routines don't have to stop just because of a little heat. Here's to some fun in the sun! - Tip by Akiah

Let's Talks Skin Care: Exfoliate! (Tip 6)

If you don't exfoliate... Woo, childdd. I suggest you go to your nearest beauty supply or drug store and grab an exfoliation product! This is such a crucial step in a skin care regimen. Exfoliation is the process of getting all those dead skin cells off the surface of your skin. So when you're cleansing your face, yes, it may feel good and you're getting the dirt and debris off. However, after that, once you've moisturized you're literally just slapping that over the dead skin which isn't allowing you to reap the full benefit of whatever product your applying after cleansing. So let's be great together and exfoliate! Reap the full benefits of that skin brightening serum you may be using after cleansing or that new collagen cream you just got. Whatever it may be, you'll thank me later!  - Tip by Akiah

The Best Way To Keep A Creamy-Based Lipstick in Place! (Tip 5)

The best way to keep a creamy-based lipstick in place: Take a piece toilet paper (make sure it's only one ply; if it's more, peel it to one) and place it over your lips, then lightly with makeup brush, dust translucent powder over the toilet paper and onto your lips. If you're like me and don't like matte lips, then this tip is for you. This trick will lightly mattify your lips without overdrying them and keep your lipstick from running. - Tip by Akiah

Is your Eyeliner always running (Tip 4)

Is your eyeliner always running? Sometimes our lids and under eyes can get oily. To prevent your eyeliner from running use a setting powder to absorb that oil. Lightly brush the setting powder onto your lid & under eye before putting on your liner or if you have super oily skin, bake & then dust off any excess powder before applying your liner.

Makeup terminology101:
Bake: allowing translucent powder to sit on your face for about 5 minutes, before dusting off to give a creaseless makeup finish. - Tip by Akiah

The Importance of Primer and Moisturizer (Tip 3)

A flawless makeup application always starts with the skin beneath.  We all aren't blessed with perfectly glowy skin but with dedication and a consistent skin care routine, it can be achieved.  In the meantime, a good moisturizer and primer will protect your skin and create a barrier between your makeup and skin.  Primer helps to create a flawless base for makeup application by filling in fine lines and wrinkles, while our moisturizer of course keeps our skin moisturized.  Even if you have oily skin, using an oil-free moisturizer will counteract the drying effects of some cosmetic products.  The drying effects could then cause the skin to dry out too much which would then make your skin want to produce more oil (.. and we don't want that, now do we?) So stay primed and moisturized, my friends! -Tip by Akiah

Finding the Right Foundation Shade (Tip 2)
Have you ever bought a new foundation that matched your shade perfectly when you tried it on in store, to only wear it later and the shade is completely off? Be deceived no more by wonky in-store lighting! When shopping for a new foundation, carry a compact mirror with you. Swatch the 3 closest shades to your complexion on your jawline (keep in mind of the order or snap a pic).  Now leave the store.. let's not leave with the product though, Haha.  Once you're outside, look into your mirror and choose the shade that disappears on to your skin.  Since daylight is the best lighting for makeup, this way you'll find your true match! - Tip by Akiah

Makeup Tip 1

Running late? Too lazy to put on a full face, but still want to look "put together".  Apply a light layer of concealer under your eyes in an upside-down triangular shape and blend it out seamlessly for an instant awakened look.  Add some mascara, lipgloss or balm and Voila! You're good to go! - Tip by Akiah